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CSB team specializes in offering trusted BAS services legally.

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Rely on our professional bookkeeping services to satisfy your tax responsibilities with the Tax Office.

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Home and or away

As all bookkeepers who join CSB are qualified with relevant knowledge and experience, each one has created a unique bookkeeping style. In other words, if you put ten bookkeepers in a room there could be ten different ways of doing the same thing.

This is why we have developed processes so that our clients can be assured they will get the same outstanding bookkeeping service, whether they get Angela the director of the organization or one of the other employees who have been with us since the inception of the organization.

THE BALANCE SHEET is one of the most crucial parts of bookkeeping. It is essential for a bookkeeper to understand the Balance Sheet well, as it is of utmost importance in the overall financial scenario of your business.
The Director, Angela Lane, has more than 17 years experience in bookkeeping. In 2010, she started her own bookkeeping business as a sole trader.

Capital Strategic Bookkeeping has grown by word of mouth referrals from happy clients and accountants. Our clients are from a variety of different industries, and size. They range from NOT registered for GST (GNR) to clients earning over $20 million a year.

We are based in Canberra ACT and we can either come to you to work on your site, or if you like, we can get your paperwork and then work from our office, using our accounting software or yours.