Ongoing bookkeeping

Our customized ongoing bookkeeping services will help you make key business decisions.

Ongoing Bookkeeping

We actually care about helping you grow your business, beyond tracking your earnings and expenses.

Ongoing Bookkeeping Services

Ongoing Bookkeeping Services

Our ongoing bookkeeping services are the everyday processing of your accounts, dedicating as much time as your business requires. Small businesses without GST average around 2-4hrs per quarter to companies with a $20,000,000 annual turnover, which average around 2-3 days per week. We are dedicated to performing these services in the most efficient time possible whilst still maintaining accurate, high quality bookkeeping. These services include but are not limited to:

Aged Payables:

  • Pay bills
  • Data entry creditor invoices
  • With access from your bank account on your behalf we can pay bills
  • Reconcile aged payables
  • Data entry creditor payments

Aged Receivables:

  • Data entry debtor payments
  • Running after overdue invoices
  • Data entry debtor invoices
  • Reconcile aged receivables

Bank account:

  • Process direct debits
  • Process bank fees along with interest


  • PAYG
  • Payroll processing
  • Link with Super Funds in addition to lodging super returns
  • Pay staff from your bank account


  • Payment or process Staff super
  • Payment or process BAS/PAYG/IAS
  • Payment or process loan/s


  • Lodging Monthly BAS and IAS
  • Lodging Quarterly BAS received by you along with extra month for paying and lodging by by means of Capital Strategic Bookkeeping


  • PAYG
  • GST control accounts
  • Staff super
  • Bank
  • Credit cards
  • Loan accounts (comprising inter-business loan accounts)


  • Monthly Loss and Profit and Balance Sheet
  • Quarterly financial reports as well as analysis
  • Quarterly or yearly fitness review (including charts and graphs)

End of Year

  • Reconciling each BAS lodged for the year using the GST Control Accounts
  • Reconciling wages, PAYG & Super prior to preparing Payment Summaries
  • For Tax Return Preparation, delivering data file and end of year reconciliations to accountant


  • Liaising with the ATO re BAS’ as well as IAS
  • Handling payment arrangements