Receiptbox service

Lodge your BAS on time with our Receiptbox bookkeeping services.

Receiptbox Service

We complete your BAS for you and our Receiptbox bookkeeping ensures that you get exactly what you need at a reasonable cost.

Receiptbox Bookkeeping Services

What is a Receiptbox Service?

Receiptbox bookkeeping is over 3 months of bookkeeping. You did not mean to let it get away from you. You got busy running a business and bookkeeping is not your favourite past time (fortunately it is ours). Instead you spend time with the family rather than do your books. But, the BAS is due again before you know it. Or, perhaps you thought you had someone doing the correct thing and you trusted such person to keep you compliant.

Over time the issue becomes bigger so that:

  • You have vital things to do with or no room in your office.
  • You have no idea where to start.
  • You keep placing the paperwork in a Receiptbox, thinking the job can be done later.
  • The ATO after having been patient so far is beginning to make demands.
  • You are so worried and cannot sleep.
  • You are not aware of the amount of GST you owe.

What’s the good news?

We at CSB are here to assist you with your accounting difficulties. Our team is a highly efficient, skilled group of professionals that have the expertise to provide expert services to our clients.
We can remove any uncertainty, fear or confusion and replace it with ease of mind while getting you back in control. Every job is unique and attention to detail is essential.

Unfortunately it is not possible to say exactly how long each job will take, or even what is required to complete your job, but we will be able clarify how to convert your financials into useful information, after we check your company file.

Bookkeeping Issues:

We will do whatever it takes in the shortest time possible. Here are some examples of the problems that may need fixing: 

  • Credit cards or bank accounts that do not reconcile with the statements.
  • Trade Creditors and Trade Debtors do not balance with the Balance Sheet.
  • Old unpresented transactions in the Credit Card or Bank Account.
  • The Trade Creditors as well as Trade Debtors aren’t “real”. This means outstanding bills and invoices are still showing as outstanding after they have already been paid.
  • Incorrect previously lodged BAS’ – checking GST transactions.
  • Undependable Inventory figures.
  • Payroll Categories which are incorrectly set up and that give you incorrect information in Payslips, AL and SL Accruals, SGC Calculations, Tax Tables and Payment Summaries.

The implications of these problems are as follows:

  • You might be paying the incorrect GST, on your PAYG, BAS and Superannuation.
  • You might be subject to penalties and interest for lodging incorrectly.
  • You might be thinking your business is not doing that well as wrong reports and incorrect figures are being produced.
  • You might be making business decisions depending on those wrong reports with dreadful consequences.