Get a more detailed report of your profit and loss with us.

Our Reporting

Keeping ALL of the financial information will help you manage, organize and cope with your business more effectively.

Financial Reports


At CSB, we pride ourselves in delivering first class bookkeeping services, ensuring you stay compliant. We can report your profit and loss from MYOB or Xero, but if you want a more detailed report, we can do so to suit your budget, helping you compare the last year report to the one of this year.

Quarterly Financial Reports

In this report, we make comparisons of this year with last year, this quarter with the same quarter last year and this month with last month. We include the COGS as well as Expenses represented as a % of the Balance Sheet and the Sales.

You can also pass on a copy of this report to your Accountant so that they can view in a snapshot, where your business is at and to give a more in-depth analysis of the story behind the figures. This could help you plan for your EOFY.

We recommend this for micro as well as small business owners.

Annual Reports

We encourage our clients to behave and think as if they are larger than they actually are since this will have a flow-on effect of facilitating growth in their business.

Several business owners keep much of the financial information in their head and manage to run their business successfully for some time. This report helps them compare last year with this year. Thus, you can strategize and deal with your business better.

The annual Reports include the Fitness Review which examines five KPI’s in the business:

  • Sales
  • Cash Flow
  • Net Profit
  • Gross Profit
  • Current Ratio
  • Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Collection Rate